The Morningside Sunday Experience is a fun and engaging Jewish educational experience for children of all ages and their parents. A division of the prestigious Atlanta Scholars Kollel, our close-knit, family-like atmosphere breeds a culture of trust and empowerment where students thrive in their learning and Jewish identity. Our goal is to provide children with a tremendous pride in their Judaism and a thirst for knowledge of what it means to live as a Jew in today’s world.

The MSE curriculum includes Hebrew language, an encompassing knowledge of the Jewish holidays, history, and values, and exciting special events throughout the year. Learning is hands on whenever possible with a special focus on making the learning fun and stimulating.

Diverse programs bring the opportunity for a Jewish education to students of all levels, as well as adults. At MSE, we believe that children learn best when they see their parents interested and studying as well. Free adult learning opportunities and classes are offered on an ongoing basis by the Atlanta Scholars Kollel.  Please contact us to take advantage of any of these unique opportunities.  More info can be found on the Kollel website: www.atlantakollel.org.

The interests of Rabbi Mayer Freedman are many, ranging from playing more than half a dozen musical instruments to tinkering with his home appliances, and from computer programming to cross-country road trips. His two greatest interests, however, are people and Judaism. That is why Mayer’s position as Director of the Atlanta Scholars Kollel Morningside Center @ Anshi is his dream job.  Mayer has been involved in Jewish education for over 15 years and is passionate about making Judaism interesting and relevant. Morningside Sunday Experience is his latest way to bring the excitement of Judaism to the next generation!